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Welcome To NIMDAC

Northern Indian Medical and Dental Association of Canada was the brain child of some of its members who met for the first time in the year 1987-88. This was rather a social gathering at one of the founding member's home. It was an unofficial and informal organization. The members used to meet at their homes and organize social and educational events regularly.

The organization was officially registered in the year 1993. Dr. A. S. Cheema was the first elected president in the year 1993. The quarterly publication of the newsletter was started by Dr. R. Jaidka in the year 1998. The organization had its own email address in the year 1999. Starting May 15, 2000 NIMDAC was on the cyberspace. Read More...

NIMDAC Annual Meeting and CME/CDE 2022 (Save the Date)

October 15 - 16, 2022

Location: Marriott on the Falls, 6755 Fallsview Boulevard, Naigara Falls, ON L2G 3W7



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2020 Executive Committee

  • Dr. S. Luthra

    - President


  • Dr. H. Singh

    - Vice President


  • Dr. V. Sabharwal

    - Past President

    (905) 846-9911 / E-mail

  • Dr. U. Jain

    - Head of Past President Affairs

    (416) 268-5787

  • Dr. A. Hothi

    - Treasurer

    (416) 892-2631 / E-mail

  • Dr. S. Choudhry

    - General Secretary 2020

    (647) 687-9396 / E-mail

  • Dr. K. Kukreja

    - General Secretary Elect


  • Dr. K. Jain

    - General Secretary Elect


2020 Committees

  • CME

    Dr.Ashwani Choudhry, Dr.Ashvinder Lamba, Dr. P.Vaidyanathan, Dr.Girish Bajaj, Dr.Nikhil Gupta, Dr.Shalini Sharma, Dr.S.Vaidyanathan Chair, Dr. Sanjeev Luthra,Dr. Rajesh Mohan

  • CDE

    Dr. Bhushan Jain , Dr. Sumesh Mahajan, Dr. Supinder Dhillon

  • Sponsorship

    Dr. Bhushan Jain (Chairman of Sponsorship), Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal, Dr. Sanjeev Luthra

  • Cultural

    Dr. Ashwinder Lamba, Rajeev Sharma, Dr.Shalini Sharma, Jayas Sharma, Vardhan, Anikait, Esha, Radha , Mukesh,Dr. Komal Jain, Dr.Varuna Choudhry, Arjun Roy Choudhry, Dr. Ashvinder Lamba, Mamta Vijay

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Dr. Girish Bajaj, Dr. Sushil Choudhry, Anant Vijay, Apar Vijay

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